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Dental Toolkit

New Edition!

Dental Toolkit

The Massachusetts HPV Coalition’s Oral HPV Task Force developed our first edition of the HPV Dental Toolkit for dental offices in 2016. Since then, it has been downloaded and distributed thousands of times, adapted for use in over 7 states, and been included in the American Cancer Society’s National HPV Roundtable Action Guide.
We are now excited to present you with the latest edition of our Dental Toolkit. We have updated the materials to reflect the most recent HPV-related cancer research as well as incorporated patient and provider feedback. The Toolkit still includes in-office communication materials such as brochures and posters. And this version also includes age-specific internal training materials on talking about the HPV vaccine, as well as a QR code for patients to access additional online education. This toolkit for dental offices includes materials and resources that can be downloaded, reproduced, and distributed at no cost.  Special thanks to the Academy of General Dentistry Foundation for supporting this project.

To download the Toolkit for free, or for more information about scheduling a free staff traning on HPV, click here: